Car locksmith services in digital car keys era

Think about it… technology just keeps advancing by leaps and bounds in every area of our lives – and also in the field of automobiles and auto locksmithing. As technology advances, so too will new problems arise and it will be necessary to give them solutions.

Regarding the question of whether there will be a need for car locksmith services in an era where everyone will have digital car keys from their mobile phone

Ferrari car key replacement locksmith

Will there be a need for car locksmith services in an era where there will only be digital car keys?

The answer is yes! As the technology improves and advances, the car locksmiths will also have to advance technologically and adopt new work methods, purchasing advanced professional equipment in order to continue providing service.

  • There will be people who want a spare car key to have at home in addition to the digital key (for the reason that there is still no 100% trust in a digital key).
  • Like any technology people can have a problem with the app or mobile device (version update or whatever). It is very possible that car locksmiths will have to undergo appropriate training in the software and hardware of mobile phone devices!
  • The older audience will remain more loyal to standard car keys for the reason that it is not as technological as a younger audience.
  • There will still be cases when the chip will not work and it will not be possible to open the vehicle and it will be necessary of car key lockout services.
  • There will still be cases that the switch or the device that receives the frequency or Bluetooth or whatever technology there may be, simply won’t work and it will be necessary to replace or repair the device (which will lead to very high financial costs compared to car key replacement).

Keeping technology updating

Either way, car locksmith services will always remain for you with adaptation to what the future will bring! Car locksmiths who will advance with technology and not be left behind will be able to provide car solutions and advanced solutions, this means more training, more studies, purchase of more expensive equipment and more.

From the customer’s point of view, in cases of problems with digital car keys, the cost for the service can be significantly more expensive than replacing an existing key – of course it depends on the specific case.

All we have left for now is to wait for this era to arrive and hope for the best…


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