Lost Car Key

If you lost your car keys we recommend to call as fast as you can for professional locksmith services, to make another car keys!

I lost my car keys – what do I do?

Our car is an integral part of our daily routine, we are so dependent on it that when we lost car keys and can’t find them it is a very frustrating situation! This is an unpleasant situation, so if your car key is lost, you must take care of this problem as soon as possible in order to continue your daily routine.

Even if you find the car keys someday (if at all), it is better to call car locksmith services in Melbourne for duplication / replacement of your car keys.

Keys on Wheels will explain to you the various cases of losing a car key, what are the consequences and what can be done in each situation!

Ferrari car key replacement locksmith

2 different situations for losing car keys

There are 2 main situations when car keys are lost:

  1. Do you have another car key? If so, well done! You have saved yourself a lot of headache. Just call for car locksmith in Melbourne for the purpose of spare car key (both if it is a key duplication and if it is a key fob replacement). The cost is not high and does not take much time. More than that – the service is on customer’s spot – we come to you!

  2. Don’t you have an extra car key? This situation is called “all keys lost” in the professional terms. Compared to the first situation, that situation is  much more critical. First of all, you can’t continue your daily routine and stick to the schedule you’re used to. In addition to this, you also endanger the safety of the vehicle itself. What if a key is found or found by another person with the aim of stealing or breaking into the car?

    In this situation, you need to call car locksmith services to your home, the work time will be longer, you will have to prove your ownership of the vehicle (to avoid a situation of theft) and the cost will be higher than having an additional key.

What car locksmith do when the car keys are lost?

A professional car locksmith who knows how to match the chip of the new key to your car model. Many times we received complaints from customers who turn to us after a failed service. They hired a car locksmith for recovery after a loss.

After several hours of work it became clear to them that he was unable to fit the key to the car for some reason. Therefore, it is important to note that not every car locksmith can complete the task if he does not have the knowledge, experience and appropriate tools for this.

Nissan car key replacement locksmith

How to perform the cutting and reprogramming process and how long does it take?

With the help of professional tools and advanced methods, a car locksmith connects to the car’s computer. Coding the chip of the new car key according to the coding of your car’s computer (immobilizer), and actually produces a new key for you that matches your vehicle. In addition, a car locksmith cancels the coding of the lost car key. The key recovery process after loss can take from several minutes to several hours depending on the type and model of the vehicle.

Price of cutting and reprogramming after losing a car key?

If you have lost a single car key, the cost of recovering the car key can be between several hundred and a few thousand dollars. The price varies from vehicle to vehicle and depends on many variables: type of your vehicle and the key you will need to recover. Therefore, all the details must be provided to a car locksmith in order to receive a quote for the work.

There are different types of car keys (according to manufacturer, model, year, etc.) Each type of car has its own key and of course the price for duplicating car keys following the loss of the keys varies:

  • Transponder key
  • Car key fob
  • Flip key
  • Smart key
  • Genuine key


Volkswagen car key replacement locksmith

What not to do when you lost your car keys?

More than once, we encountered people who lost their car keys and tried to “save” money by trying to open the car doors themselves by applying force or using non-professional tools.

Even worse, there were times when people inserted a dummy key into the vehicle switch and tried to start the vehicle, which caused damage that led to the replacement of the entire switch mechanism and resulted in very high costs, instead of calling a fast car locksmith who will come and open the vehicle and drop a new key for you. Don’t try to do it by yourself!

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