Ignition switch replacement

In many cases where it is difficult to move the vehicle due to a faulty switch, locksmith services are needed to repair or replace the ignition switch. Do not wait too long with the problem because in many cases the ignition switch can be repaired and replacement replaced (which costs more than repairing).

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In which cases should a ignition switch be replaced?

The ignition switch is a part that consists of mechanical and electronic components and is connected to the vehicle’s electrical system. Various and strange damages may occur in the switch and the greater the level of severity of the fault, the greater the need to replace the ignition  switch in the vehicle and it will not be possible to repair it.

Here are the common reasons why a ignition switch should be replaced:

  1. The key gets stuck in the switch frequently – that is, you can put the key in the switch and move the vehicle but often it can not be taken out of the switch and it stays stuck. In such a situation there is a fear of breaking the car key inside the switch and causing further damage to the locking mechanism.
  2. Key does not rotate in the switch – When the locking mechanism is defective, the key may enter the ignition switch but without the ability to turn it and start the vehicle.
  3. Ignition switch does not respond when a key is turned – this is a relatively serious case, which usually requires the switch to be replaced completely. This may be due to a mechanical damage to the locking mechanism or, alternatively, to an electrical-electronic problem in the vehicle. When the key in the ignition switch rotates but the vehicle does not move, this may indicate another problem with starting and it is very important to rule out a problem with the switch before going to the garage.
  4. The vehicle does not drive any starters – this is a “tired” switch, which suffers from an electronic rather than a mechanical problem. In such cases there is no escape from ignition replacement.
    In addition, a replacement of the ignition switch is required after an attempted burglary of the vehicle, which resulted in a very severe damage to the switch so that it was completely out of action.

Where is the best place to replace a car ignition switch?

At the Keys On Wheels website, you can order a ignition switch replacement service to your home all across Melbourne – without dragging the vehicle to the garage! You will receive professional service at the highest level, with availability 24 hours a day.


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