Spare Car Key

If you need a spare car key service for a new car, it is important to know that this service will not always be cheap. The more prestigious and technologically advanced the vehicle, the higher the price of replication will usually be. Let’s talk about everything there is to know about the subject, including information about car burglary by a professional  car locksmith.

While car keys can be duplicated at the company itself, it will sometimes be possible to duplicate a car key at car locksmiths as well. In practice, the prices will usually be similar, so the decision to duplicate the key is in your hands. Either way, you need to make sure you get a professional job of duplicating keys for a new car. Because today’s technology is quite advanced, the craft of key duplication will not immediately be an easy craft. If so, get our first tip.

A tip for duplicating spare car keys for new car models

If you are about to duplicate spare car keys, it is important to make sure that the same professional knows your vehicle type and key type. There are keys with a chip and keys without a chip, smart keys, simple keys for cars, spring keys for a car and more.

If the professional knows your type of keys and has previously been able to duplicate such, you are probably in good hands. If the professional first meets with your type of developer, it may not be worthwhile to seek help. Also, it is always important to find out if you are getting a warranty on the duplication or not. If you duplicate car keys with the company itself, you can usually enjoy responsibility for the duplication. Suppose you come home and find that the key does not work or does not open the door, you can return to the company and receive continued service until everything is in order.

Price comparison for duplicating spare car keys for a new car

If you are interested in duplicating another key for your car, you should compare prices for duplicating car keys. Comparing prices for duplicating a spare car key will allow you to lower your costs, sometimes in a really noticeable and noticeable way. During your market research and price comparison, you will also want to check out several quotes from the various marketers and professionals in the field of key duplication. If you receive a number of quotes, always try to make sure that the parties who submitted the offers to you have enough experience in the field. If possible, even ask for a list of recommendations on the service of the professionals. Usually professionals nowadays hold a list of recommendations by recommending clients.

How much does it cost to duplicate a spare  car key for a new car?

While car key duplication can cost a few hundred dollars, duplicating a spare car key for a new car and with advanced technology can cost thousands of dollars as well. If you take the example of duplicating smart keys for a new car, then this service can reach amounts of about $ 2,000 and up.


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