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Keys On Wheels locksmith specializes in car keys and remotes for all makes and models with the most leading diagnostic equipment in the market.
We provide professional automotive locksmithing services all across Melbourne Victoria suburbs.
We provide mobile key cutting and programming service anywhere in Melbourne anytime!


Lost all your car keys? Locked out of your car?
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Our Car Locksmith Services

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New car key

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Immobilizer reset / reprogramming

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Car remote programming

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ECU reprogramming

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Smart key programming

Car Locksmith

Keys on Wheels is a leading car locksmith service company in Melbourne Victoria. For 10 years we have been providing highly professional service to our clientele in all suburbs of Melbourne 24/7 including Sundays and public holidays.

Car locksmith services we provide

Most of the references to us are divided into two: lockout services or duplicating car keys.

Car lockout – we provide service to people whose car is locked and cannot open the door because they do not have a spare key or the key itself is locked inside the car. We work with a lot’s of car dealers and car agencies for car lockout for various reasons without any damage to the mechanism or the vehicle door itself.

Duplication car keys – the second service that we provide is the main reference to us on the subject of duplicating car keys, such as:

  • Car key duplication because there is no additional car key and they are afraid that the only key will be lost.
  • Keys that are damaged due to wear or moisture and the remote no longer works – so we make new keys.
  • Cases in which there are no car keys at all because they were lost (in these cases, ownership of the car must be proven, to prevent cases of theft).
  • Coding, programming and key cutting services.

Types of car keys we provide

Each vehicle and each model has its own key types, the most prominent advantage for us as a car locksmith is the ability to perform car locksmith services for all car manufacturers and all models! We have sophisticated and advanced equipment at our disposal along with professional knowledge and many years of experience in the field. The types of keys we provide:

  • Transponder keys
  • Remote keys
  • Smart keys
  • fob key
  • Flip keys
  • Genuine keys
  • Aftermarket keys
  • Emergency keys

Car locksmith services near me

We provide car locksmith near me service all over Melbourne Victoria only! We reach all the suburbs of the city – there are no too far suburb for us. We are located in the city center and can quickly reach any area to provide service.

Our arrival times

Our arrival time depends on various factors, such as if we are at the other end of the city at the time of the call out, or we are in the middle of a work process that requires several hours, or if your call out is done during hours when it is already difficult to get there quickly, and of course in the case of urgency. We prioritize emergency cases over duplicating an existing key.
We try to arrive as quickly as we can from today to today or the next day at the latest.

We reach 80% of our customers within an hour of call out!

24/7 car locksmith service

We really love our work and provide professional service wholeheartedly every day and at all hours of the day. On Sundays and public holidays we are always at your disposal without extra charge!

Guarantee for our car locksmith services

We are often asked about the warranty on the car locksmith services we provide – and the answer is that of course and for a year on a new car key only. In cases of repairing a damaged key or vehicle lockout, we have no guarantee.

car locksmith cost services

The cost for car locksmith services is very varied and we can’t really write a price or price ranges since it depends on various factors such as: the location of the vehicle, duplication, new / old key, whether coding is necessary or not, Genuine key, remotes, etc. Working hours vary, so we cannot give an answer to this question.

All our prices are particularly attractive and include GST.
There is a call out fee 

Contact us or leave a message and we will get back to you in a few minutes with a quick quote.

Payment methods for car locksmith services

You can pay us in several ways for your convenience:

  • Cash
  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card

Reviews about us

Our service is at the top of our priority list, so reviews of us are very important and we always make sure to give the best service and our customers love to patronize us. You are welcome to enter our reviews page and see for yourself!

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