Car Key Lockout

The car is locked and the keys are inside, what do you do?

If your car is locked and the keys are inside, this is a very frustrating situation, especially when it happens when the car is urgently needed. The even bigger problem is in cases where there is no spare car key and then it is necessary to contact only a professional car locksmith in Melbourne!

Mazda car key replacement locksmith
Mazda car key lockout at night + duplicate car key

How does it happen that car key locked out?

Most vehicles today include a central locking system, and this is to deal with break-ins and vehicle thefts. The central locking system works when it detects that a certain period of time has passed and the vehicle is turned off and the vehicle has not been locked.

Examples of situations of car key lockout:

  • People return home after a day of work or alternatively go out to buy something and hurry to collect their things and forget the keys in the car, and do not lock the car with the remote control. The protection system in the vehicle will operate automatically after a few minutes.
  • Similar cases in smart car keys where there is no switch for the car and people leave the key in the car, and leave it for a long time and then the car keys are locked.
Toyota car key replacement locksmith
Toyota car key lockout service at night

What do you do when car key lockout?

When the car keys are inside and locked outside the car, there are 2 main and important situations:

  1. First case – when there are babies or animals inside the car, in these situations (especially on hot sunny days), there is an immediate life danger and you should not wait for car locksmith! You must act immediately and call emergency services or break the window of the car door (the front window in cases where the baby is in the back seat).
    2. Second case – classic cases where we forgot the car keys inside and the car was locked. There is no need to break the window or try to open the car doors on your own (may result in high repair costs). You have to call for car locksmith service and wait about 30 minutes until a car locksmith arrives.


Tip – try to check if one of the doors is not permanently locked, even from the baggage and you may be able to open one of the car doors.

BMW car key replacement locksmith
BMW car key lockout at client spot

Should i try to open the car doors by myself?

The only thing you have to do in case of car key lockout, is to check that there is no open door. Beyond that just do nothing! (only in cases where there is no baby or a trapped animal). Main reason is to ensure that you will not cause major damage to the car door lock.

More than once we encountered people who tried to open the car doors by themselves and actually caused a lot of damage to the door switch. And when we arrived to the car spot it was necessary to break in + repair or replace the door locking mechanism. Which led the customer to pay much more if he hadn’t, would have ordered a service.

Volvo car key replacement locksmith
Volvo S40 car key lockout

How long does it takes to open a locked car door with the keys inside?

The average arrival time to the customer is about 30 minutes, and when we arrive to the car spot, the working time may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and model to model. It is necessary to check whether an attempt was made to break into the car lock alone and to check that no damage was caused (which may lead to a longer duration of work).

Another thing is that a professional car locksmith with specially adapted equipment and tools is needed for breaking into a locked car. Car locksmith must act carefully in order not to cause damage and not to bring about a complete locking of the car. The average time of car key lockout will be about 20-30 minutes.

Professional car key lockout services by Keys On Wheels

One of the most frequent service call-outs to us is about people who locked out of the car with the keys inside, and they does not have a spare car key. In these cases, we recommend calling us to Keys On Wheels and we can reach you within 30 minutes.

Opening a locked out car with the keys inside will only be done by a professional car locksmith with extensive experience and advanced equipment and tools worth thousands of dollars to open locked cars.

We at Keys on Wheels provide fast, professional service, without causing damage to the vehicle! We offer our customers to duplicate spare car keys (to avoid a similar situation in the future) at a significant discount.

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Mitsubishi car key replacement locksmith
Mitsubishi car key lockout

Price and cost of car key lockout

The cost of car key locked-out varies from service call to call. The price varies according to several parameters:

  • Service call time (higher price late at night)
  • Type of vehicle manufacturer, model and year
  • Is there damage to the car doors from an unprofessional break-in?
  • The suburban area where the vehicle was locked


The average price of car key lockout with the keys inside will be between 250-500 AUD.


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