Broken Car Key Repair

What to do if the car keys are broken?
Do you have a broken car key in the door or switch? Do not rush to try to pull out the rest in all sorts of ways. If you can not move the vehicle, call us now – Keys On Wheels car locksmith to repair or replace the car key.

Today there are very many cars that are equipped with ignition cards or other smart keys and ignition buttons, which do not require the use of a key.

On the other hand, there are still many cars that do use keys, and there are get damaged and finally broke sometimes.

Why are the car keys broken?

Your car key is made of durable metal – usually steel – but it is also not durable forever.
You use the key in a rotating manner, in a movement that causes a load on the key. If at some point a crack is formed in the key or it is crooked, it weakens, and at the point of weakness the key may break.

Maintain the integrity of your key

  1. Do not throw the car keys.
  2. Do not load too many keys or keychains on your bundle – a light bundle keeps the key and switch.

I broke the car key in the door cylinder, what to do?

If you have another key, open the vehicle from another door and drive to the garage or call a  car locksmith close to where you live.

why is it important?

Since it is better not to travel for a long time with metal crumbs or the rest of a key stuck in a lock. While driving the fracture shakes inside the lock and may damage the cylinder.

On the other hand, it is better not to take unnecessary risks that can digest more money, it is better to call and order car locksmith services to the house.

The locksmith will come to your place of residence and perform:

  1. Extracting a remnant or key fragment from the switch.
  2.  New car key – including the part that encodes the key.


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