Audi key replacement

Keys On Wheels locksmith specializes in Audi car keys and remotes, with the most leading diagnostic equipment in the market. We provide professional automotive locksmith services all across Melbourne suburbs. We provide also Audi car key replacement, key cutting and programming service anywhere in Melbourne anytime!


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Audi car key replacement

Audi car keys for all model & year

We provide car keys locksmiths services in Melbourne for Audi model such as:

Audi A1Audi A3  | Audi A4  | Audi A5  | Audi A6 | Audi A7Audi A8

Audi E-Tron | Audi R8

Audi Q2 | Audi Q3 | Audio Q5 | Audio Q7 | Audi Q8

Audi S1 | Audi S3 | Audi S4 | Audi S5 | Audi S6 | Audi S7 | Audi S8

Audi RS1 | Audi RS3 | Audi RS4 | Audi RS5 | Audi RS6 | Audi RS7 | Audi RS8

Audi SQ2 | Audi SQ3 | Audi SQ5 | Audi SQ7 | Audi SQ8

Audi RSQ3 | Audi RSQ5 | Audi RSQ7 | Audi RSQ8

Audi TT | Audi TT RS | Audi TTS

Audi Car key replacement

Every Audi car model and year has its unique keys that fit and works well, Our professionally car locksmiths has the knowledge for each Audi car key model:

  • Remote keys
  • Transponder keys
  • Flip keys
  • Surf keys
  • Smart keys


Audi car key lost

If you have lost your  Audi key, we can help you quickly and inexpensively. Our car locksmith offers you an on-site service across all Melbourne. We will made a new Audi key directly at your site and you can open your vehicle again.

Audi radio key

You will receive a new Audi radio key and a new mechanical key from us if you have the following problems:

  • Key bit broken off
  • Radio remote control does not work
  • Key Fob defective
  • Immobilizer active
  • Car key no longer engages
  • The key no longer sends a radio signal
  • Immobilizer flashes

Audi key broken due to low battery

A dead or defective battery can often be the cause of your Audi no longer responding to the key. Depending on the situation, the key is then fit again quickly. Since batteries are standard products, we professionally replace them within a few minutes. The Audi key is programmed to your vehicle and the immobilizer is no longer a problem is not possible for most locksmiths.

We offer this service at no extra charge. Assuming a defective or weak battery is not the cause, the key is examined in detail. Using a radio or infrared test device, we test the functionality and thus find the cause. In the following we can then repair the key further.

Audi car key locksmith

Audi key repair

You may have dropped the Audi key through an accident. Depending on how it hits the ground, a corner of the plastic fob breaks off or a conductor on the key’s transponder circuit board breaks and there are interruptions in the electric circuit. This can happen regardless of the model. In this case, we simply exchange the housing. This is also possible with an Audi radio key.

A car key repair is always cheaper than buying a new key. If, on the other hand, the key of your Audi no longer engages properly, we will replace the lock bit with a completely new milled bit. Of course, this is also possible with every Audi model. Almost all defects in a key can be repaired. Our car locksmith is happy to be your professional contact for this!

Audi car key replacement locksmith

Duplicate Audi key

If it may not be possible to repair the key. This is usually due to a deep defect, which can also occur in your Audi car key. But we can also help here and will make you a spare key for your Audi. A second key is also necessary if you lose the key, whether through theft or because you have lost the key. On the one hand, it is always a good feeling to keep a spare car key for your own Audi in the drawer, on the other hand, it is also an immense expense if you then lose the spare key for the Audi after the main key and no longer have a replacement. We can duplicate all car keys , regardless of model and year.

Audi spare key

You can get a replacement car key for any Audi model quickly and inexpensively from us. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an Audi convenience key or a mechanical key.

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