The key doesn’t turn in the car switch – What to do?

You arrive at your car the morning before a work day or at the end of a work day when you are just in a hurry to take the child to class, put the key and hop!, nothing happens, the key does not turn and you are stuck standing still. It’s a very annoying feeling, how such a small and obvious component can completely stick us in place and disrupt our whole day. Without the switch your vehicle cannot move, so the problem must be dealt with immediately and in a professional manner that matches the actual situation. The key does not turn in the car switch and you ask yourself what to do? You have come to the right place and we at keys on wheels car locksmith have all the solutions!

5 Steps you can try on your own

  1. Spray some oil on the switch and try to see if it loosened the mechanical mechanism a bit and allows the key to turn again.
  2.  Insert the key into the switch slot and try to hit it lightly on the head. Sometimes it releases a certain blast in the mechanism and allows you to move to at least get to work on time, or better yet get to the Quickie Car Locksmith shop and make a car switch renovation with us to avoid paying extra for calling service to the field.
  3. Try to move the vehicle with a replacement key. There may be a problem with the key you are trying to move. Another reason that emphasizes the importance of duplicating car keys for any trouble that may come, and ahead of time in the ideal case.
  4.  It is always advisable to check for safety that the automatic gearbox of the vehicle is in parking mode (P) and on neutral or D. Because only in P the vehicle can move and the propulsion system also does not allow rotation of the key in the switch when the gear lever is not in the right place.
  5. In case of a key not turning in the switch, you can try to move the steering wheel of the vehicle from side to side while trying to turn the key. Sometimes it will release the blasts and the key will turn and propel the vehicle.


In any case where the key of the car does not turn, it is important for us to emphasize that force should not be used in the attempt to turn. This is not the solution and excess power can break the key or teeth of the propulsion mechanism and then it is not possible to repair a car switch but only replace a car switch which is of course more expensive and takes longer.

what could be the problem?

There are various cases where the key in the vehicle does not turn and you can not move, when of course each case must be diagnosed individually. Common causes include, for example, wear of the key or the internal teeth in the switch, a problem between the connectivity of the switch with the gear lever even when it is in position P, a mechanical break inside the switch and an electronic fault in the switch mechanism.

Who to contact if the problem persists?

In a nutshell, if the key to the car does not turn and does not move, keys on wheels contact a car locksmith and we will reach you, take care of the problem and release you on your way as quickly as possible. A car locksmith can replace or repair a car switch and this is one of his areas of expertise. In addition, a locksmith service will be cheaper and faster than going to the garage to repair the fault. A key does not turn in the switch and you can not solve it alone, call a car locksmith keys on wheels and you are the safest way to move!

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