5 tips to protect your vehicle from burglary

According to police data, the amount of burglary to vehicles is not particularly encouraging – every year, thousands of vehicles are stolen. Beyond that, there are quite a few unsuccessful car burglary attempts that are less heard of. However, if the vehicle is broken into, it will most likely undergo a dismantling process to sell its parts.

There are now quite a few methods to protect the vehicle from burglary, some are known to be very effective and some – less. It is important to note that there are car models manufactured with a relatively durable structure for sophisticated burglary attempts relative to other models.

If your car is still not immune to break-ins compared to the other models and you are wondering how to best protect it, here are some important tips on how to do it.

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Installing an alarm system

One of the methods to protect the vehicle from burglary is by using an alarm system. There are different types of such systems that operate on different technologies, which are now considered to be very efficient. There are alarm systems that notify the attempted burglary at that moment, in real time, and also take care to notify the security company to which the vehicle is associated.

Installation of advanced locking systems for vehicles

The market now offers various types of locks designed for locking vehicles as part of the burglary protection system. Vehicle locks wear on the various parts of the vehicle and significantly minimize the chances of burglary to the vehicle. They can be mounted on the gear lever, on the steering wheel or on the pedals. For anyone interested in investing, there is also a special locking system that controls several parts simultaneously. The locks do not allow the vehicle to be operated properly, significantly track the burglary process and thus prevent in most cases its theft.

Installation of engine shut-off – immobilizer

The engine shutdown, also known as the “immobilizer”, disables the engine and does not allow the burglar to operate the vehicle without the use of the ignition key. The engine will not start without entering a security code, as a result of which the burglar will have great difficulty in performing the starting operation. Today, vehicles come with a built-in immobilizer system and in models where there is no such system, it will be possible to install it at any stage.

Installation of a vehicle locator system

Owners of vehicles with valuable equipment or equipment with a high security classification, choose to install a locator system in the vehicle in order to have information about where they were at any given moment. This system is activated via satellite and synchronized to the call center of the locator company. In some cases, call centers have the ability to control the vehicle’s various systems, including shutting it down to put it out of action.


This is a very popular solution that is found today in many vehicles. The encoder is a system that includes a keypad that is connected directly to the engine shutdown. When the driver enters the vehicle, he must enter a secret code to activate the fuel system. If an incorrect code is typed or the code is not typed at all, the vehicle cannot be activated, which ultimately prevents it from being hacked.

Important to know

These systems are known to be very effective, but unfortunately, they can not protect the vehicle one hundred percent and do not keep its systems fully immune. At the same time, they help to significantly reduce the number of burglaries by making it very difficult for the burglars themselves and making the burglary operation much more complicated and challenging for the burglar himself.

If the protection system is not installed properly, you can contact a professional car locksmith who knows how to install and operate any malfunction.

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